Transform your pumpkin into the scariest, silliest, screamingest jack-o-lantern on the block! Tack on a stencil and carve away!


Your Halloween party's menu can be mouth-watering and stomach-churning all at once. Spark up the cauldron and stir up these devilish dishes.


Break out your conical hats, your blood-red makeup and your silliest wigs - we've got the ways to put it all together and celebrate Halloween in style!


These helpful tips will turn your home into a creepy-crawly cavern of fright that will leave your guests howling with delight.

See the LEADING COMMUNITIES helping to build a better future for children in Africa


Make the most of your Halloween celebrations this season with lots of family fun. Pages and pages of spine-tingling ideas and goose-pimpling tips for pumpkin carvings, costumes and trick-or-treat parties. Check it out... if you dare!
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